New Vision Dance CenterTwinkle Stars dance classes for kids are 30-minute sessions for children from 2 to 3 years of age. Instructors use props such as Twinkle Bears and hula hoops to encourage creativity and build a sense of high-energy fun for the children.

Ballet and Tap dancing movements are taught to the rhythm of engaging tunes that kids enjoy. Children also learn about following directions from an authority figure who isn’t a family member in a fun and safe setting.

Twinkle Stars Students

At 2 to 3 years of age, Twinkle Stars students are exploring rhythms and how to move to them. Learning about music and dance provides a healthy form of expression.

Children in this age group also develop confidence and a stronger sense of the world around them. Dance lessons mesh beautifully with this developmental stage, both through the learning of movements that match the music and through sharing the experience of dance with fellow students.

Learning Areas Covered In Dance Classes

Students in dance classes learn about flexibility, building strength and musicality. These concepts are introduced through the use of routine movements and choreography.

  • Flexibility is enhanced through proper warm-ups and stretching exercises.
  • Strength is built through the careful use of muscle control and isolations.
  • Musicality is learned by the repetition of matching movements to music.

Skills Children Learn In Dance Class

Dance students learn to follow directions while also learning how to perform movements for different styles of dance. Our youngest students begin learning about the movements for classical Ballet and Tap before moving on to other types of dance, such as Hip Hop and Contemporary.

Benefits Of Learning Dance

Students learn both teamwork and leadership skills through the study of dance. Dance also increases physical fitness and encourages a love of music for students who practice this moving art form.

The Types Of Dance We Teach

While children in Twinkle Stars classes focus on learning to move and introductory Ballet and Tap movements, our studio also offers lessons in some other types of dance. Types of dance we teach include:

Ballet: Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique.  Characterized with elegant arm movements matched to specific foot and body positions, dancers work in flat and pointe shoes, depending on their age and level.

  • Contemporary: Contemporary classes combine the strength and intricate legwork of Ballet with edgy, modern movements for an inspired, often emotional, performance.
  • Hip Hop: Hip Hop is performed to popular music and often includes an improvisational element and high energy choreography.
  • Jazz: Our Jazz classes teach high-energy classic jazz moves that are choreographed to the upbeat rhythm of age appropriate pop music.
  • Tap: Tap students learn to perform rhythms with or without music, with shoes that emphasize the beat of the music or that create the entire rhythm of the performance.

Call Us Today About Dance Classes For Kids

We accept dance students of all ages. Whether the student is new to the world of dance or already has some dance experience, our studio strives to provide a safe and supportive environment. We want to encourage each student to evolve as a dancer by experiencing a comfortable level of challenge.

Call us during our regular hours of operation today at (503) 693-6166 to speak with someone about our different programs and enrolling. Our online contact form is also available anytime you have a question or concern you would like to express in a note.