Young Women Leading Girls’ Tap-Dancing ClassMany kids love to dance and registering for classes is a great way for them to receive formal training while having fun and meeting new friends. New Vision Dance Center in Beaverton, Oregon teaches students of various skill levels to dance in our safe, comfortable environment. We cover several genres of dance for a variety of age groups, including Tap classes for kids. We strive to put each student’s well-being first and continually promote the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and moral growth of every child in our nurturing environment. From our Twinkle Babies program to our advanced dance classes, we help your child cultivate a love and appreciation for dancing.

Tap Lessons For Kids

Our talented staff of instructors have dedicated their lives to dance and proudly share their passion with children of all ages.  Tap dance gets its name from the distinctive sound made from the small metal plates attached to the dancer’s shoes. Classes are divided by age and skill level, and gradually progress to cover more difficult techniques.

  • Classes for ages 3 to 4 introduce Tap dancing while encouraging free expression, with the goal of establishing a positive experience that stimulates a love for dance.
  • Classes for ages 4 to 5 introduce rhythm steps of Tap dancing with a focus on understanding class structure, taking turns and expressing yourself.
  • Classes for ages 5 to 6 delve deeper into the coordination and rhythm required for Tap dancing.
  • Classes for ages 6 to adult focus on learning the founding skills of Tap while helping students further develop rhythm and coordination and clarify the sounds of their movements.

Tap is one of the most classic and foundational forms of dance for kids.  Our professional instructors are trained to work with all levels of experience to ensure your child gets the attention they need to succeed.

Tap Dress Code

During Tap classes, female students should wear a leotard, tights, jazz pants and black tap shoes; a fitted tank-style shirts is acceptable over leotards. Boys should wear a T-shirt with bike shorts or leggings and black tap shoes. Long hair should be pulled away from the face into a bun or ponytail.

The distinctive part of a Tap dancer’s uniform is the unique shoes; each part of the Tap shoe makes a different sound. To protect your shoes and our studio floors, please don’t wear your dance shoes outside the studio. Showcase performances aren’t mandatory but are encouraged and require a costume purchase with a separate costume fee.

Benefits Of Tap Classes For Kids

Tap lessons are great exercise and provide an outstanding way to express creativity. Once your child has learned the basic technical elements and dynamics, students are encouraged to express themselves by finding their own rhythms. Dancing is also a fun way to develop balance and coordination, which is an amazing confidence builder.

Dance lessons help teach discipline, because it takes motivation and discipline to learn individual steps and entire routines, practice regularly and keep up with your classmates. Dance classes also provide numerous socialization opportunities and are a fantastic way to meet new friends. Together with their classmates, your child also learns the importance of working together to learn new routines, which often instills group loyalty and forges lifelong friendships.

Register Your Child Today

If your child loves to dance and is interested in learning the intricate art of tap, New Vision Dance Center provides knowledgeable and fun classes for students of all ages. We produce a safe, comfortable dance school environment and proudly serve Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland and Tigard, Oregon.  Contact us at 503-693-6166 to learn more about our Tap classes for kids or to register your child for lessons today.