Hip Hop Dance Classes

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Hip Hop dance classes help everyone from young children to teens learn the latest moves to trendy, age appropriate music, while engaging in an activity that is so much fun you forget your exercising. In Hillsboro, OR, New Vision Dance Center provides families with a variety of dance classes, including hip hop. Classes are offered on a year-round basis and are crafted to fit your schedule.

Hip Hop Dance Classes In Hillsboro, OR

New Vision Dance Center’s Beaverton location is just off Highway 26 and very convenient to Hillsboro families interested in beginning their dance journey. Each week, dozens of classes are offered at this studio, making it easy to incorporate a new dance style or form of exercise into your routine.

For dance families with more than one dancer, or for dancers who want to study several styles, back-to-back classes are easy to find. Couple hip-hop with something more traditional, like ballet, for a well-rounded dancer. Families with multiple dancers or who have dancers in multiple classes can enjoy some attractive pricing versus paying for each class individually.

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The Benefits of Hip Hop

Whether you’re a seasoned toe-stepper or a newbie to the world of dance, hip hop is a fun style to learn. This fast-paced genre won’t bore you, but the basic moves are easy enough for beginners to master. The soundtrack is upbeat and mainstream, so younger dancers will find their feet moving happily to new beats in these classes.

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