New Vision Dance Center promises to put the well-being of children first in the design and administration of our programs. We continually strive to promote the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and moral growth of each child, all while nurturing a love of dance. Our dedicated instructors have devoted their lives to dance and are proud to share that passion with children of all ages and experience.
Dance Students- Hillsboro, OR- New Vision Dance Center

Twinkle Babies | 18 Months – 2 Years Old

30 minute introductory dance class to guide children in developing strength, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence through creative movement. Young dancers will learn how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. The use of props such as parachutes and butterfly nets send young dancers to an imaginary destination of exploration and pure enjoyment!

Twinkle Stars 2-3 Years Old

30 minute introductory dance class that includes ballet, tap and creative movement. Young dancers will be taught basic steps while learning how to follow direction from a non-parent authority figure and emulate movements in an encouraging environment. Engaging music is used to get these tots inspired! The use of props such as Twinkle Bears and hula hoops enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity, and most of all, have fun!

Hippity Hop 4-5 Years Old

This high-energy class serves as an introduction to hip hop dance for the younger student. Emphasizing popular dance steps with age appropriate music, this class focuses on rhythm, musicality, and basic footwork. Dancers will have a fantastic exposure to different types of dance, and it’s a great way to get kids moving!

Hip Hop

This energetic class provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements and technique in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. Meanwhile, dancers build stamina, improve strength, and explore rhythm isolations while being challenged to learn and recall choreography from week to week.

Ballet/Tap | 3-4 Years Old

This is a class that introduces classical ballet and tap while encouraging a child’s free expression. The goal of this class is to provide a healthy and positive experience that stimulates a love for dance.

Ballet/Tap | 4-5 Years Old

This class introduces the classical ballet positions, leaps, and works rhythm steps of tap. There is a focus on helping students understand the class structure, taking turns, and expressing themselves.

Ballet/Tap | 5-6 Years Old

This class dives deeper into classical ballet movement and terminology, and combines the coordination and rhythm of tap.

Ballet | 6 Years Old – Adult

These classes teach classical ballet positions, barre work, center floor, adagio and allegro at an age appropriate level.

Tap | 6 Years Old – Adult

Students will develop rhythm, coordination, and clarity of sounds while learning tap’s founding skills and some of today’s newest tricks.

Jazz | 6 Years Old – Adult

These classes develop flexibility, control, and technique through the use of isolation movements, turns, and jumps. Dancer’s overall confidence and self-esteem will soar with this class.

Hip Hop | 6 Years Old – Adult

This is a high-energy class emphasizing popular dance steps with age appropriate music, focusing on learning choreography.

Contemporary | 10 Years Old – Adult

This style will combine the technique of ballet with the asymmetrical lines of jazz in a choreography-based class where the dancers will explore musicality through movement.


A talented group of dancers who train intensely in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and contemporary. The group also performs at community events. This program develops poise, self-confidence, self-expression, and discipline that is carried into the dancers’ everyday lives. To further their training these students travel and perform nationally. By invitation only.

Our classes are designed to introduce our students to age-appropriate technique while cultivating a lifetime love of movement and dance. View our schedule of classes to see a breakdown of the classes by age group.