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About Ballet Classes

Aspiring ballerinas in Oregon can take ballet dance lessons at the New Vision Dance Center, and learn the fundamentals of this beautiful artform. If you live in the Beaverton or Hillsboro areas, check out our schedule of classes, which are led by qualified instructors who have a passion for the art of dance. We offer a safe, nurturing environment for all our students, so they can focus on dance.

Ballet Dance Lessons For All Ages

A foundation in ballet helps your child learn coordination as they gain poise and confidence.  If your child loves dancing around the house, maybe it’s time to see if they would like to dance with us!

Combination Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet and tap in combined lessons allow kids to learn the basics at an age appropriate level and speed. Young students take classes that combine the basics of Ballet and Tap so they have the opportunity to learn the grace of Ballet along with the rhythm of Tap.

Are You Ready For Just Ballet?

New Vision has classes that concentrate specifically in ballet. As students progress through our levels and choose to focus on a specific style of dance, skills are refined and built upon, resulting in a special end of the year performance.


Registration Fee is $25 per student. Tuition is based on classes per week/per family. 

Twinkle Babies & Stars Class $45.00 per month
1 class per week/per family $70.00 per month
2 classes per week/per family $125.00 per month
3 classes per week/per family $178.00 per month
4 classes per week/per family $238.00 per month

Click here to view additional information about tuition and fees.


Looking to sign your child up for our dance classes? With classes from 2 year olds to teenagers, we know we’ll be able to find the perfect class for your child. Classes are underway, so register today!

To view or download our current schedule click the button below. 

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