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At New Vision Dance Center, we believe that health and wellness are key pillars of your child’s healthy development. By enrolling in any of our classes, your child will learn exciting new modes of self-expression, build up their physical strength and flexibility, and socialize with other children along the way. This is especially true when it comes to our tap and ballet classes for 4- and 5-year-olds. At this impressionable age, children will benefit from the artistic expression that this type of dancing can offer.

The Next Level of Ballet and Tap

Whether they’re new to dance or a graduate of our classes for toddlers, our tap and ballet classes for children between 4-5 years old are perfect for either skill level. This course teaches tap and ballet techniques that build on introductory principles while keeping the motor limitations of students in mind. Our compassionate instructors will help these young dancers expand upon the basics of ballet and tap through instruction, teamwork, and play.

Building Dance and Interpersonal Skills

Rather than focusing purely on dance terminology and technique, our courses foster the interpersonal engagement of our students. Plus, while they practice side-by-side and work together to master each new step, students also get to participate in a fun, encouraging setting. It all adds up to enhancing their love of dance and preparing them to further their passion for this art form in the future.

As they make their way through this class, your 4- or 5-year-old will accomplish the following important goals:

  • Learn to express themselves through dance
  • Build confidence through practice and performance
  • Work together and engage with peers
  • Further their gross motor skill development
  • Practice proper technique to support them as a future dancer
  • Increase balance, flexibility, and physical strength

In this and all of our other courses, our instructors create warm environments where students feel comfortable dancing while making friends with their peers. After completing this class, your child can continue to explore their love of dance by participating in our tap and ballet classes for the next age group.


Registration Fee is $25 per student. Tuition is based on classes per week/per family. 

Twinkle Babies & Stars Class $45.00 per month
1 class per week/per family $70.00 per month
2 classes per week/per family $125.00 per month
3 classes per week/per family $178.00 per month
4 classes per week/per family $238.00 per month

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Looking to sign your child up for our dance classes? With classes from 2 year olds to teenagers, we know we’ll be able to find the perfect class for your child. Classes are underway, so register today!

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The Right Dance Studio for Your Child

At New Vision Dance Center we have been teaching kids in the Beaverton and Hillsboro areas to love dancing for many years. We strive to help develop smart dancers who care for themselves and the art form that they are learning.

General Information

At each tap and ballet class, girls will be required to wear a leotard and tights with pink ballet shoes or black tap shoes, and boys are encouraged to wear a t-shirt with bike shorts or leggings, and style appropriate black dance shoes. Children with long hair will need to tie it back in a ponytail or bun for the duration of the class. Small short skirts are also acceptable class attire.

During each lesson, you can watch your child dance from the comfort of our waiting area. Knowing that you are just a few feet away will help give your child the confidence to thrive in each class.

Ready to Sign Up?

By signing your child up for a tap and ballet class, you can help them learn this art form and develop their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities. As we serve the Beaverton & Hillsboro areas, to register your child for this course, complete our registration form or stop by at your convenience. For more information about these or any of our other dance classes, contact New Vision Dance Center today.

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