Our Shift to Enrichment Activities

Dance Silhouette ArtworkDance is a unique form of art and expression. It asks you to exercise not only your body but your mind and soul, as well. To continue that kind of mental and soulful exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic, New Vision Dance Center has launched a series of lifestyle enrichment activities. From quick meditative exercises to life skills for professional development, our enrichment activities have helped broaden our dancers’ experiences outside the studio and allowed them to connect during the pandemic. Here, we’ll explore some of the programs we’ve offered.

Teaching Professional Skills to Young Students

With the pandemic pushing us to reimagine how we can safely gather together, New Vision Dance Center has expanded the current curriculum to include several professional skills that will benefit each student later in life. We’ve dedicated media week to working with our dancers both in-person and online, teaching them how to construct resumes, take headshots, and more. Here are some of the other life skills we’ve incorporated into our curriculum:

  • Appropriate behavior in a professional setting
  • Best practices for interpersonal verbal communication
  • How to conduct yourself in a boardroom meeting
  • Public speaking

Thinking outside the box enabled us to provide our students with a sense of normalcy in a warm, caring environment and helped them develop essential skills they can bring with them into future careers.

Art and Mindfulness Beyond the Dance Floor

A healthy mind and a healthy body are closely intertwined. During periods of quarantine and social distancing, we recognize the importance of maintaining positive mental health practices. One of the exercises in our enrichment program includes a visualization practice. Mindfully standing on a bridge, our students took a few moments to reflect on recent events, hold onto the positive experiences, and let the rest float away. Here is what this exercise entails:

  1. Picture yourself standing on a bridge and underneath that bridge is a river.
  2. The river represents events throughout the day, and the fish in the river are happy thoughts and positive experiences.
  3. When you come across one of these fish, take hold of it, and carry it with you for the rest of the day.

As simple as this practice sounds, this meditative exercise trains our students to maintain a positive outlook during challenging times.  Our students also had the opportunity to paint and create artwork that reflects their thoughts and affirmations. During Dance as Art Week, our students expressed their creativity on paper and on canvas.

Learn More About Our Dance Programs and Enrichment Activities Today

Born out of a need for mindfulness and togetherness amidst the pandemic, our enrichment activities gave students the chance to express themselves creatively, maintain a positive mental outlook, and gain essential life skills along the way. At New Vision Dance Center, we’ve served the Beaverton and Hillsboro, OR areas for over 15 years and offer classes for children as young as 18 months. To learn more about our virtual and in-person dance programs and activities, contact the team at New Vision Dance Center today.

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