Our Pandemic-Era Activities

We’ve all had to rethink how we work and play together during the COVID-19 pandemic. From new cleaning protocols to quarantine activities, we’ve been able to pivot to keep our current programs running and also make room for exciting new opportunities for young dancers. Here, New Vision Dance Center explores some of the changes made to keep everyone moving together.

The Show Must Go On

Girl in face mask writing affirmations on silhouette ballerina artwork

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been able to keep our dance classes going and put on show-stopping performances with safety in mind. We’ve maintained a 6′ box between dancers, provided ample ventilation, performed health checks, and ensured sanitization is maintained to help our students safely fuel their passion for dance in our studio. Here are some of the ways we’ve been able to maintain a sense of normalcy and the warm, loving environment our students have come to know:

Virtual Studios

Dancers have been able to learn and grow together virtually during shutdowns, maintaining a sense of togetherness during a time when so many have felt alone. We also implemented small projects — as shown on Instagram @newvisiondance — that helped students connect and explore the impact dance has made on their lives.

Creative Dance Groups

In-studio classes are smaller to help keep everyone moving safely during the pandemic. Compact classes and the opportunity to create “Dance Bubbles” have helped bring everyone back together again. During these times, students received weekly workouts, worksheets, and constructive feedback from our instructors.

Pandemic Performances

Complete with lights, sets, cameras, and music, performances allow our youngsters to showcase their hard work throughout the year. Whether classes performed individually on an indoor stage or the entire production was brought outside beneath a tent, our team is proud of the ways we’ve been able to celebrate our young dancers and the accomplishments they’ve made throughout their journey with us.

Enrichment Activities: Pandemic Edition

At our studio, it’s more than just about dance: we educate the body, minds, and souls. Our programs have continued to reflect those values throughout the pandemic, helping guide our dancers through challenging times. Thinking outside the box has helped us continue to offer inclusive, engaging enrichment opportunities to our students that include:

Media Week

During media week, we had fun learning valuable life skills dancers can take with them when they take that leap offstage and into the professional world. Some of the activities our students participated in that provide the tools needed for a successful life include:

  • Creating resumes
  • Learning how to do headshots
  • Becoming comfortable with public speaking
  • Learning how to conduct one’s self in a boardroom setting
  • Learning how to be inclusive in the workplace
  • How to communicate professionally

Dance as Art Week

During this program, we took our personal affirmations and mindfulness techniques to heart. Through visualization techniques, our dancers learned how to maintain a positive attitude during this difficult time and others that may present in the future. We also spent some time painting, expressing our creativity as dancers on canvas.

Learn More about Our Programs

A little creativity has gone a long way throughout the pandemic. Serving the Beaverton and Hillsboro areas, New Vision Dance Center fosters a love for dance in students while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth benefits of the art form. To learn more about our pandemic-era programs and quarantine activities, reach out to us today.

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