Looking Back at Past Enrichment Activities

Dance Center StaffIn the face of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the team at New Vision Dance Center began work on a dynamic enrichment curriculum beyond our usual schedule. These week-long programs included important life skills and mindfulness techniques designed to benefit young dancers for years to come. Thinking outside the box gave us all a chance to be together in a safe, engaging way during a difficult time.

Life Skill Instruction through Media Week

As part of our enrichment program, we introduced Media Week to better prepare our dancers for success in their professional lives as adults. We recognize that certain skills are needed for youngsters to move through life with the grace of a dancer. These life skills gave our students the means of picturing themselves in a professional capacity and allowed them to look towards their bright futures with excitement. During Media week, we introduced core concepts they can take with them into future careers, such as:

  • Drafting a resume
  • Sitting for headshots
  • Confidence in public speaking
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Professional workplace conduct
  • Inclusivity in the boardroom

While these skills are aimed at the professional workplace environment, they’re also useful in the classroom. If applied, they’ll help our young leaders develop strong lines of communication with teachers and peers.

Mindfulness and Dance is Art Week

We also planned a series of activities focused on our artistic abilities outside the studio during Dance is Art Week. With all pandemic safety protocols in place, our dancers were able to gather together to paint, draw, and express their creativity. Where Media Week was focused on how we interact with others in a professional capacity, Dance is Art Week was designed to enhance the child’s mindfulness and provide an outlet for creative expression.

The pandemic has provided all of us with ample time to reflect. In light of this, we walked the students through a meditative exercise focused on keeping a positive outlook during challenging times. For this visualization technique, we assigned all of our good thoughts and happy feelings to the fish in a river. The students closed their eyes and pictured themselves standing on a bridge, looking down below them at a stream. Every time they thought of or saw one of these positive thoughts, “fish”, they would reach down, take hold of it, and carry that thought with them throughout the day.

This exercise is designed to teach our youngsters that even though a single day can seem overwhelming, there is always a little bit of good to be found. It’s a matter of pinpointing the positive and taking those feelings with you throughout the day to remind yourself that sometimes finding the good during an otherwise challenging time is as simple as standing still and reaching out.

A New Vision for the Future

At New Vision Dance Center, we’re constantly improving upon our current curriculum to give our students the tools they need to adapt to an ever-changing world. We proudly serve the Beaverton and Hillsboro, OR areas, offering dance classes with an emphasis on positive lifestyle skills and healthy outlets. Contact us today for more information.

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