Engaging with Our Kids during the Pandemic

Some organizations struggled to keep the kids they serve engaged and enriched during the COVID-19 pandemic – but not New Vision Dance Center. Promoting physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth in young dancers throughout the Beaverton and Hillsboro areas, we adapted our programs to the circumstances both creatively and effectively to ensure our students could continue fostering their love for dance while maintaining a sense of normalcy. Here’s a closer look at how we accomplished this feat through our quarantine activities and more.

Classes over Zoom and the Use of Social Media

Dancers Holding New Vision Dance Center Self Made Paintings

During the pandemic, it became especially important for New Vision Dance Center to work outside the box and maintain the safe, warm, loving environment our dancers know and love – even if that meant only interacting through Zoom and social media. By finding creative ways of teaching and engaging students, we implemented regular classes via Zoom so that our dancers could stick to a somewhat normal routine, as well as connect with their community of classmates and instructors during the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19. Our students also received weekly workouts, worksheets, and feedback from instructors to help them continue to grow and thrive in the world of dance.

Meanwhile, our Instagram page (@newvisiondance) documented some projects that not only kept students engaged in their dance community but also encouraged them to explore how dancing has changed their lives. These projects ranged from promoting the use of hand sanitizer to grooving to “I Want to Dance with Somebody.”

Shifting to a Focus on Enrichment Activities

New Vision Dance Center also implemented a greater focus on life enrichment activities to enable our dancers to still convene in person in a safe, socially distanced manner. Because our offerings are about more than just dancing and aim to educate children’s bodies, minds, and souls, we worked hard to uphold our promise to fully serve students with inclusive opportunities. In conjunction with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, added ventilation, health checks, and other precautions, these opportunities included the following:

Week-Long Programs

  • Media Week: This program focused on the crucial life skills our dancers will need when they go onto college or start a professional career. Activities included resume writing, professional headshots, public speaking, communication, and more.
  • Dance as Art Week: Designed to promote personal affirmation through mindfulness and visualization techniques, this program helped dancers learn to have a positive attitude throughout any of life’s challenges, like a global pandemic, and used painting as a different avenue for expressing creativity.


  • “Visions of a Nutcracker”: Outside and under a tent, our students filmed a dance to this number, and we then shared it with their families and our community at large on social media.
  • Spring Show: One class at a time, we enabled our dancers to still have their moment to shine despite the circumstances. Our spring performances were held with lights, music, and cameras on inspiring sets either on our indoor stage or outside beneath a tent.

Learn More about Our Pandemic Response

New Vision Dance Center has also done everything possible to hold in-person classes throughout the pandemic and looks forward to welcoming our students back at full capacity. For more information about our quarantine activities or response to the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us today.

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