Looking to sign your child up for our dance classes? New Vision Dance Center in Beaverton, OR is happy to share our upcoming class schedule for you to view. Browse our classes below to find the one that’s perfect for your child. You can also download our schedule by clicking here.

August 2019 – June 2020

Beaverton/Hillsboro Location (B) – Classes begin August 5th!



6-12yr Ballet 1Wednesday4:00-4:45pm
6-12yr Ballet 1Friday4:00-4:45pm
6-12yr BalletSaturday9:00-9:45am
6-12yr Ballet 2Monday4:45-5:30pm
6-12yr Ballet 2Monday6:15-7:00pm
6-12yr Ballet 2Wednesday4:45-5:30pm
6-12yr Ballet 2Friday4:45-5:30pm
8-14yr Ballet 3Wednesday5:30-6:15pm
10-14yr BalletSaturday10:30-11:15am
Teen Ballet TechMonday5:15-6:15pm
Teen Pointe*Monday6:15-7:00pm
Teen Adv BalletMonday7:00-8:15pm
Teen VariationsMonday8:15-9:00pm
Teen Ballet 1Wednesday6:15-7:00pm
Teen Ballet 2Wednesday7:00-7:45pm
Teen Adv BalletWednesday7:45-8:45pm



6-12yr Beg/Int TapWednesday5:30-6:15pm
6-12yr Beg/Int TapFriday5:30-6:15pm
Teen Beg/Int TapWednesday5:30-6:15pm
Teen Int/Adv TapMonday6:30-7:15pm
Teen Adv TapMonday7:15-8:00pm
Adult Beg TapWednesday6:15-7:15pm
Adult Int/Adv TapTuesday7:15-8:15pm



6-12yr Jazz 1Wednesday4:45-5:30pm
6-12yr Jazz 1Friday4:45-5:30pm
6-12yr JazzSaturday9:45-10:30am
6-12yr Jazz 2Monday7:00-7:45pm
6-12yr Jazz 2Wednesday4:00-4:45pm
6-12yr Jazz 2Friday4:00-4:45pm
8-14yr Broadway DanceMonday5:30-6:15pm
8-14yr Jazz 3Wednesday4:45-5:30pm
10-14yr JazzSaturday11:15-12:00pm
Teen Jazz 1Wednesday7:00-7:45pm
Teen Jazz 2Wednesday7:45-8:30pm
Teen Adv JazzWednesday7:00-7:45pm



8-12yr Level 1 Ballet, Jazz, TapThursday4:00-5:45pm
8-12yr Level 2 Ballet, Jazz, TapTuesday4:00-5:45pm



6-12yr Beg/Int Hip HopMonday4:00-4:45pm
6-12yr Beg/Int Hip HopWednesday6:15-7:00pm
6-12yr Beg/Int Hip HopFriday5:30-6:15pm
8-14yr Int/Adv Hip HopMonday4:45-5:30pm
8-14yr Int/Adv Hip HopWednesday4:00-4:45pm
8-14yr Int/Adv Hip HopFriday6:15-7:00pm
Teen Int/Adv Hip HopWednesday5:30-6:15pm
Teen Adv Hip HopWednesday7:45-8:30pm


4-5yr Ballet/TapMonday4:45-5:30pm

18mth-2yr Twinkle BabiesMonday3:00-3:30pm
2-3yr Twinkle StarsMonday3:30-4:00pm
2-3yr Twinkle StarsTuesday10:00-10:30am
2-3yr Twinkle StarsTuesday5:00-5:30pm
2-3yr Twinkle StarsWednesday10:30-11:00am
2-3yr Twinkle StarsThursday10:00-10:30am
2-3yr Twinkle StarsThursday2:45-3:15pm
2-3yr Twinkle StarsSaturday9:00-9:30am
2-3yr Twinkle StarsSaturday9:30-10:00am
2-3yr Twinkle StarsSaturday11:15-11:45am
3-4yr Ballet/TapMonday4:00-4:45pm
3-4yr Ballet/TapTuesday11:15-12:00pm
3-4yr Ballet/TapWednesday11:00-11:45am
3-4yr Ballet/TapWednesday4:00-4:45pm
3-4yr Ballet/TapThursday10:45-11:30am
3-4yr Ballet/TapThursday3:15-4:00pm
3-4yr Ballet/TapFriday4:00-4:45pm
3-4yr Ballet/TapFriday4:45-5:30pm
3-4yr Ballet/TapSaturday9:00-9:45am
3-4yr Ballet/TapSaturday11:30-12:15pm
4-5yr Ballet/TapTuesday10:30-11:15am
4-5yr Ballet/TapTuesday3:30-4:15pm
4-5yr Ballet/TapWednesday11:45-12:30pm
4-5yr Ballet/TapThursday11:30-12:15pm
4-5yr Ballet/TapThursday4:00-4:45pm
4-5yr Ballet/TapFriday4:45-5:30pm
4-5yr Ballet/TapFriday5:30-6:15pm
4-5yr Ballet/TapSaturday9:45-10:30am
4-5yr Ballet/TapSaturday10:45-11:30am
4-6yr Hippity HopMonday4:00-4:45pm
4-6yr Hippity HopWednesday4:45-5:30pm
4-6yr Hippity HopThursday4:45-5:30pm
4-6yr Hippity HopFriday3:15-4:00pm
5-6yr Ballet/TapMonday5:30-6:15pm
5-6yr Ballet/TapTuesday12:00-12:45pm
5-6yr Ballet/TapTuesday4:15-5:00pm
5-6yr Ballet/TapFriday4:00-4:45pm
5-6yr Ballet/TapFriday5:30-6:15pm
5-6yr Ballet/TapSaturday10:00-10:45am
5-6yr Ballet/TapSaturday10:30-11:15am



10&up Beg/Int ContemporaryTuesday6:30-7:15pm
10&up Beg/Int ContemporaryWednesday6:15-7:00pm
10&up Int/Adv ContemporaryMonday7:00-8:00pm
Teen Adv ContemporaryMonday5:45-7:00pm


New Vision Dance Center offers a comprehensive dance lesson schedule for students of all ages and all levels. From beginner to advanced, dancers will find a class to fit into their busy lifestyles.

Youth Dance Lessons

Children as young as 18 months can begin learning introductory dance with classes that include ballet, tap, and creative movement. Older children can explore ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. There are even classes for the young at heart adult to stay in shape with a fitness class that’s fun and can fit into their busy lives.

Beginner Dance Lessons

Beginner dance lessons introduce the fundamentals of ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. The main goal of teaching students in the beginner levels is to instill a foundation of dance that is both positive and enjoyable.

Intermediate Dance Lessons

Students who have been dancing for a few years may be ready to add to their skill set with a focus on more complicated rhythms, positions, and floor work. Students focus on developing more advanced flexibility and technique as they build more confidence in themselves as dancers.

Advanced Dance Lessons

At the advanced level, dancers explore more challenging choreography and technique to build on the skills already present. Classes focus on fine-tuning skills and adding to them.

New Vision Dance Center offers students a large studio and a diverse class schedule that includes many different types of dance instruction. Join us to become a part of our successful dance production and instruction.